Aiyush Pachnanda

The days I dont work

In true freelance fashion, its very rare I do take some time for myself
But when I do, on the very very rare occasion I take some time just to decompress and watch some simpsons I am always left wondering when the next job is coming to hit my inbox, wondering when i am going to get a reply or when something is going to fall in place for me to shoot.

But why is that???

Honestly, I ask myself this every day.

Sometimes I feel guilty if I work too much, and the other days I feel guilty when i don’t work enough 

But on the very rare ocasion I don’t work, I still kinda work; more on myself in a non-well-being Influencer way but a way to give me some excuse to get out of the house wack on a podcast ( not Joe Rogan dw ) and pratice. practice a new way of shooting or even editing.

The more I do this the more I forget to worry about chasing the next job and the more I enjoy my days off.

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